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Creating a Better Future for Vulnerable Children Through Plexus Worldwide

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Around the world, you will find different health and wellness products from different companies. As a consumer, you want to be sure that the products you choose can benefit you. By getting health products from Plexus, make no mistake that your health is what they have in mind. The popularity of the company isn’t only directed to the high-quality products they provide their consumers. Aside from contributing to the health of their consumers, they also give back to people who need all the help that they can get.

For the past years, the company sees to it that they provide for those who need the most through their initiatives. For instance, the company created the Nourish One Initiative to help feed the hungry from around the world. This initiative from the company is possible with the help of international partners. As part of their Nourish One Initiative, they have a new international partner for combatting worldwide hunger. Their new partner in this initiative is Mary’s Meals. Feeding 1.3 million children from around the world daily is the main goal of this global child hunger charity. Plexus pledges to provide a portion of international sales made by every serving of their new line of products, namely Plexus Lean, to this charity.

Before this, Plexus announced a $25,000 USD donation to Mary’s Meals during their Super Saturday event in varying cities both in Canada and in the United States. This initial donation has created 250,000 meals for children through the community-run school feeding programs of the charity.

The partnership between Plexus and Mary’s Meals was a thrilling launch according to Plexus CEO and Founder, Tarl Robinson. This partnership is crucial to help put an end to child hunger across the poorest of poor communities. The initial donation by the company is just the beginning of this promising partnership. With the support from thousands of Plexus Ambassadors from Canada, the company strives to make a difference through every sale of Plexus Lean meal replacement shakes.

Community volunteers make a significant contribution to Mary’s Meals. With their help, the organization established feeding programs across seventeen impoverished countries around the globe. Among these countries, you have Malawi, Kenya, Haiti, India, Liberia, Syria, and Thailand. Rather than begging or working for food, children are encouraged to attend school so they can learn and get a meal through these programs.

With the partnership of Mary’s Meals and Plexus, they strive to make people around the world be aware of the 61 million children suffering from hunger on a worldwide scale. Plexus will make sure to offer support to volunteers of the charity so that children in poverty regardless of their location will get the right education and nourishment they need. These children have no choice over their circumstances. The donations provided by the partnership will provide these children and their families a way out of poverty. If you wish to gather more info, check with Christopher Pair.

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